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Ethiopia: Linkage between population and economy

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The collective forces of political turmoil, adverse climatic conditions and an all round turn down in productivity of the economy reduced the population of Ethiopia into a state of miserable poverty.

Except in 1980s, the countries economy has not been any time grew at a rate higher than that of the population. GDP grew at an average rate of:

• 2.7% between 1965 and 1980 and
• 1.9% between 1980 and 1989  

Available data show that the population increased four times between 1900 and 1988. At the beginning of the present century the crude rate of natural increase was projected at 0.3 per cent per year.

This was a far disparity from the 2.9% a year suggested by the 1984 census. The total population in 1900 was anticipated at 11.8 million.

It took 60 years this number to double to 23.6 million in 1960 whereas it took only 28 years for the population in 1960 to double to 47.3 million in 1988.  

The Population rose at average annual rate of 2.5% between 1965 and 1980 and at 2.9% between 1980 and 1989.

If the current fertility rate continues and mortality turns down as would be projected under normal conditions, it is anticipated that the population of Ethiopia may grow at the rate of 3.1 % or even more a year during the remaining part of the present century.
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